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My favorite things:  Nemo, the Train museum, the Children's museum, Thomas the Train, stickers, Hawaiian rolls with butter, broccoli, firetrucks, my Little People video, construction vehicles, the park, airplanes, helicopters, Buzz Lightyear snacks, trucks, police cars, Oobi and Dora...

I love Summer!!

UPDATED, 8/26/04

I have lots of new photos, including our trip to Malibu

 on the Recent Events page.

Also, check out the July page for more pictures!!!

Here is the most recent picture of my future brother/sister.  I go back and forth on what I'd like.  Today I said I'd like a brother, but yesterday I said sister.  It's such a big decision.

He or she will be getting here sometime around January 15th, 2005.  Mommy is feeling pretty good these days, except for some back pain.  She also takes lots of naps.  :o)

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