July 2004

Here are lots of pictures from July!!!

My Auntie Andrea came to visit me!  She brought her fiancé Billy (he's really cool).  First we went swimming...

andreajaredstepspool.JPG (80060 bytes)    andreabillyjared7304.JPG (59495 bytes)

andreaandjaredswimming.JPG (115804 bytes)    andreajaredpool.JPG (50416 bytes)

Then we did some Yoga.  I tried to stand on my head like Andrea but I couldn't do it.  I thought it would be more fun to try and push her over.  She is pretty strong!

yogawithandrea.JPG (44080 bytes)    yogaandrea2.JPG (43480 bytes)

Jared push ups!

moreyoga.JPG (43155 bytes)

Here are the three of us!

billyandreajaredhouse.JPG (44725 bytes)

Happy 4th of July!!

Here I am in my USA shirt

Dad and I at the pool...

jareddad7404.JPG (80830 bytes)

I was hiding under the towel!

hidingpooltowel.JPG (60601 bytes)

Later that day at the park!  This is the first time I have ever worn a hat for any length of time (without trying to take it off).

jaredparkhat.JPG (55179 bytes)

Showing off my hat (well, actually it's Mommy's)

jareddadslap7404.JPG (27764 bytes)

We got together for Auntie Heather's birthday!!  I was happy to see all my cousins, but I spent a fair amount of time crawling under the table getting as dirty as possible.  I think I just do that to drive Mommy nuts.

Here I am with all my cousins

cousins7504.JPG (56396 bytes)

My cousins, being silly!

girls7504.JPG (41216 bytes)

More family!

andersons7504.JPG (58892 bytes)

Mommy and McKenzie

mckbetty7504.JPG (41772 bytes)

At the park!!

slide7704.JPG (43704 bytes)    atthepark7704.JPG (67768 bytes)

Here I am, at 11 pm at night, sitting on my potty.  I just couldn't sleep.  It is terribly exciting getting a new potty, you know.  Oh and for the record, I am not exactly potty trained yet.

pottydrinkingchickenstarsmilk.JPG (163945 bytes)

Here are a couple pictures from Mommy's 30th birthday party.  It was a lot of fun.  Click this link if you'd like to see more pictures. 

Here I am 'cheating' during the limbo contest.

anothercheater.JPG (71160 bytes)

With my cousins Christina, Rebecca, McKenzie and Andy.  I am the cute one in the front on the right.

jaredandcousinsonmybday1.jpg (20099 bytes)

Let's have a race!!!  Looks like I came in 2nd...

readysetgo.JPG (88819 bytes)    2ndplace.JPG (50974 bytes)    thefinish.JPG (53095 bytes)

Eating snacks and making a picture with the stickers my friend Megan sent me.

jared72904.JPG (43213 bytes)    july2904jared.JPG (47964 bytes)

Cousin Christina is FIVE!!!  Happy Birthday!!!!

nina5cake.JPG (58987 bytes)

Here are some other pictures from the party.  

Here I am in my Bob the Builder hat, eating Bob the Builder snacks.  YUM.

eatingsnacksinbobhat.JPG (54632 bytes)

Collecting candy after the piñata broke...

morecandyfrompinata.JPG (54320 bytes)

Look, Smarties!  My favorite!

candyfrompinata.JPG (52063 bytes)

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