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August has been a REALLY busy month.  Come look at everything we've been up to!!

So I got this new wagon and it's very cool.  The next day Mommy said I had to take a nap so I thought, 'I should take a nap in my wagon!'.  I went and got her pillow and it fit perfectly.  However, Mom wasn't going for this.  Made for a cute picture though, don't you think?

napinwagon.JPG (43282 bytes)

Daddy and I looking very cool in our shades.

dadandcooljared.JPG (49442 bytes)

I made this 'Nemo' fish at the Children's Discovery Museum!!

jaredscreation.JPG (53242 bytes)

This is what I look like in my big boy bed these days.  Mommy says I'm getting big.

sleepyjared8804.JPG (51644 bytes)

I don't want to get up yet!!!

dontmakemegetupyet.JPG (45897 bytes)

I helped Daddy put together my new big boy dresser and bookcase.  I am giving my old dresser to the baby.

81404jared2.JPG (34117 bytes)    81404jared1.JPG (36730 bytes)    81404jared3.JPG (29201 bytes)

Bonfante Gardens!!!

I had such a great day.  At first I was afraid of everything, but slowly I warmed up to things.

A little unsure of the water spraying everywhere...

jared81504looking.JPG (51335 bytes)

I obviously got over that.

jared815046.JPG (55560 bytes)    jared815041.JPG (48493 bytes)    jared815044.JPG (55751 bytes)    jared815045.JPG (55537 bytes)    jared815043.JPG (60000 bytes)    jared815042.JPG (57887 bytes)

Here are a couple of Christina.  She is so funny!

nina81504JPG.JPG (57180 bytes)

Mommy loves this picture of Christina!

nina815042.JPG (54168 bytes)

Here we are on the train.  This is my absolute favorite part of Bonfante Gardens!

P8150375.jpg (165411 bytes)

Here I am, being brave, riding the tram.  I was scared at first, but then LOVED it and asked to go again :o)

tramride1.JPG (56639 bytes)    tramride2.JPG (56984 bytes)

Mommy and me on the artichoke ride!  I was scared of this at first, too, even though I've been on it before.  But after the tram ride I was ready for anything, especially something dangerous like the artichoke ride!

withmomonartichoke.JPG (49936 bytes)

Mommy has taken up scrapbooking so I thought I'd give it a whirl.  Here I am gluing Thomas the Tank Engine pictures to a piece of paper.

81304jared1.JPG (41299 bytes)    81304jared2.JPG (45651 bytes)

Our trip to Malibu!!!

Mommy and I on the airplane.  We are somewhere over Southern California here.  I look upset, but really I was OK.  I did great on the plane.  Mom was scared to death though.

plane81904.JPG (43275 bytes)

We got to meet one of Mommy's friends from ZF (her mommies group).  Her name is Janine, and she has a son named Luc that is the same age as me (well, technically he about 2 weeks older).  Luc also has a younger sister, Claire, and an older brother named Andre.  Andre is big into ice hockey and was at hockey camp that day so we met up at the ice rink/training center to hang out.  Luc and I hit it off like we had known each other forever.  We played trains and ran around all morning.  It was great.  Anyway, here are pictures of our visit with them.

This is Luc and I

jaredluc.JPG (60354 bytes)

Playing trains

playingtrainswithluc.JPG (53405 bytes)

This picture is significant because it's the first picture of me with any kind of a celebrity :o)  Janine says the man who just happened to skate by in the background below (in the yellow jersey, #1) is named Rob Blake.  He used to play for the Los Angeles Kings but now plays for another team.  Mom snapped this pic on accident, oops!

jaredwithaceleb.JPG (39094 bytes)

Here are Luc and I riding on the cars!

drivingthecars.JPG (53645 bytes)

Mommy and Janine

janineliz.JPG (52471 bytes)

Oh as a side note, Janine gave me my very first hockey puck!!  It's not any old hockey puck either.  It's signed by Marty McSorley.  He used to play for the Kings but now is a coach.  Isn't that cool?  Thanks Janine!!

Here I am, looking out at the beach and beautiful sunset.  Oh c'mon.  I'm not admiring the sunset.  I'd admiring that awesome playground.  Do you see it?  ;o)

malibusunset82004.JPG (44608 bytes)

Discussing the difference between Teddy Grahams and Bob Snacks with my cousin Kelly and Great Grandma Brook.

kellyggranmabrookjared.JPG (47306 bytes)

Here are pictures from Auntie Andrea and Uncle Billy's wedding (I can call him uncle now!)  Isn't she just beautiful???  

andreabilly82104.JPG (49113 bytes)    procession.JPG (62137 bytes)

Mommy and Daddy, with the Malibu hills and Pacific Ocean in the background

scottlizhill.JPG (31617 bytes)

Here are Daddy and me, looking at the ocean and talking about guy things

dadjaredsunset.JPG (50800 bytes)

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