This page is for all my portraits that Mommy has me take.  Gosh, you'd think I was famous the way she keeps having my picture taken.  Anyway, here they are...

Here are my 2 year portraits!!  Mom said I did a great job!!

2blue.jpg (21722 bytes)    2presents.jpg (29852 bytes)

A Valentine's Day picture...

2valentines.jpg (34766 bytes)

These were our Christmas pictures for 2003.  


Here are my 18 month portraits, but I had them taken when I was 20 months because Mommy kept forgetting to make the appointment.  She's so silly.  

Do you like them?


Here are my 1 year portraits.  I think I did a pretty good job.

I even got to take a picture with my cousins Andrew and Christina!

Jared, second pose 12 months sized.jpg (24046 bytes)    Jared, first pose 12 months sized.jpg (25843 bytes)    Jared, third pose 12 months sized.jpg (23742 bytes)

JaredChristinaAndrewsized.jpg (73871 bytes)

This is my Christmas 2002 portrait.  Check me out.  I'm not a baby anymore!  I'M A TODDLER!!!

These are my 9 month portraits.  I'm getting to be such a big boy!  Mommy said I did a really good job.  I smiled right when I was supposed to.  It helped that the lady kept saying Peek-a-boo!!!

(Sorry if the resolution is not the greatest on these photos but mommy had them put on a floppy disk.  Mom, that is so 90's.)

Old Glory 1.JPG (41597 bytes)    Old Glory 2.JPG (40910 bytes)

Pastel 1.JPG (34654 bytes)    Pastel 2.JPG (35904 bytes)

Pillar 1.JPG (42809 bytes)    Pillar 2.JPG (43652 bytes)    Pillar 3.JPG (47193 bytes)

This was our first family portrait!!  I was 6 months old here.  

I was such a good boy and smiled the whole time!

62457F10.JPG (47834 bytes)    62457F2.JPG (48296 bytes)

62457F4.JPG (36236 bytes)    62457F8.JPG (49712 bytes)    62457F5.JPG (33549 bytes)

These are my 4 month portraits.  (Gosh, this was like, so long ago.)  

22557F2.JPG (48909 bytes)    22557F12.JPG (47691 bytes)    22557F3.JPG (42398 bytes)

22557F5.JPG (53366 bytes)    22557F6.JPG (42487 bytes)

Here is my 3 month portrait.  I am a gummy gummerson in this one.

Jared, 3 months only pose sized.jpg (60913 bytes)

My very first portrait.  I don't look very happy here, but I was.  And awfully red.

Jared's first photo sized.jpg (29691 bytes)

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