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~~~~~~Black and White Photos~~~~~~

Here are some black and white photos that were taken...

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Liz and Alethea-1024.jpg (65585 bytes)    Billy and McKenzie at the gazebo-1024.jpg (42499 bytes)

Crispy and Lizard-1024.jpg (83224 bytes)    Dad and Betty-1024.jpg (89151 bytes)    Heather and Christina-1024.jpg (67893 bytes)

Liz and Christina-1024.jpg (61894 bytes)    McKenzie and Christina at the gazebo-1024.jpg (66797 bytes)

Bobby with the bouquets-1024.jpg (96773 bytes)

Did they ask me to be a bridesmaid or a groomsman??

Scott and the champagne-1024.jpg (113790 bytes)    Scott spitting out the champagne-1024.jpg (80800 bytes)

Kevin, Scott and the champagne... Priceless.

The girls holding up Scott-1024.jpg (91451 bytes)    The guys holding Liz-1024.jpg (69646 bytes)

Horsing around...

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