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~~~~~~The Proposal~~~~~~


My favorite band, No Doubt, was playing the last concert of their tour in Hawaii. I told Scott that I would love to see them one more time, even if it meant I would have to get on a plane. I was terribly afraid to fly but made this one exception. I figured there was no way it would happen anyway so it was easy to say it out loud.

One night as we were on the phone and I was again wishing that I could see them, Scott was busy buying plane tickets online. He said, "OK, we've got plane tickets. Now all we need are concert tickets!" I couldn't believe it! Little did I know he had ulterior motives for bringing me to such a beautiful island.

The night before the show, we attended a luau on the other side of the island. It took forever to get there in all the traffic and Scott was so upset that we were going to be late. I told him not to worry and that he should be enjoying everything. I had no idea that he was afraid he would miss his perfect opportunity to propose. We ended up making it in time and everything was fine.

Before the dinner and show, there were lots of activities to participate in so we walked around and kept busy. We went and got matching tattoos (fake, of course). The guy working there asked me if we were newlyweds, and I whispered "No, but I'm working on it!" Little did I know what was about to happen...

A few minutes later, they announced that they were going to dig up the pig (that we eventually ate for dinner) so I started walking in that direction and told Scott to come with me. He told me he wanted to walk over next to the shore by the water first. I said, "But they are going to dig up the pig!"   He insisted that we walk over to the beach, which was gorgeous as it was just about sunset. I couldn't understand why he wanted to miss out on seeing the pig, but agreed anyway. There was no one around since they were all on the other side of the luau site watching the other excitement going on...

We were admiring the beautiful sunset (a picture of the sunset at left) when all of a sudden, Scott turned towards me and asked me if he could show me how much he loved me. I wasn't exactly sure what that meant, but I said  "Not here!"   He grinned and then dropped down to one knee and started fumbling through his pocket. After a moment he produced a ring from his pocket and through lots of tears said, "Will you be my wife?"   I was completely shocked but of course I said yes! I think he was a little more emotional than I was but I just couldn't believe that this wonderful man had asked me to marry him. I felt like the luckiest girl in the whole world! I hardly remember the rest of the luau since I was on Cloud 9, but I do remember that we got to dance our first dance together to the Hawaiian wedding song.

We ended up at the No Doubt concert the next night and it was a great concert as usual, with a little sprinkle of Hawaii rain through the middle of the show. We also got to tour the island with my brother Ronnie, sister-in-law Kelly and nephew Shane. They were the first to hear our good news in person.

Scott couldn't have picked a more romantic time or place to propose!  Am I lucky or what?

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