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~~~~~~The Rehearsal and Dinner~~~~~~

The rehearsal was held at St. Peter's Episcopal Church in Redwood City the night before the ceremony.  Everything went well, except for the fact that my niece, McKenzie (one of our flower girls), really wasn't feeling well.  She was a trooper, though, and came to the rehearsal anyway.  Her mom, Susan, had to carry her down the aisle when it was the flower girls' turn to practice the procession.  Thankfully the next day she was feeling much better!

The dinner was held after the rehearsal at the Copenhagen restaurant in Redwood City.  We asked everyone to dress in their best Hawaiian style shirts, to get us ready for our honeymoon in Hawaii.  Imagine the bunch of us dressed up Hawaiian style at a Danish restaurant... It was quite interesting!  

And just for the record, I hate split pea soup.

Click the buttons below to see pictures from the ceremony rehearsal and dinner that followed after...

Rehearsal Dinner

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