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The Bridal Shower

The bridal shower was held on Saturday, June 9th, at our home in Santa Clara, and the theme was Precious Moments.  Alethea, my maid of honor, along with the other attendants, put it all together for me.  Thank you to everyone, especially Alethea, for a wonderful shower!

Here are some pictures...

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Bridesmaids-1024.jpg (100424 bytes)Heather and Cristy-1024.jpg (70894 bytes)Heather and Jenn-1024.jpg (109908 bytes)Liz opening Meg's gift (Candle)-800.jpg (53868 bytes)PIC00038-1024.jpg (67156 bytes)The Bridesmaids.jpg (108160 bytes)The Cake-1024.jpg (94860 bytes)


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